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Welcome to Healing Words, your go-to resource for writers, health enthusiasts, and content creators alike.
My main idea with this blog is to help anyone who wants to know how to take words to the next level, to the level of helping others, of intriguing, of stirring something inside.
I can tell you that I am an engineer, that I have two master’s degrees, that I speak seven languages, and none of these titles makes sense to me now.
What I’ve learned from life is that you have to live in the here and now because tomorrow everything can turn upside down and all these titles and even all the money in the world won’t make sense.
I’ve survived three cancers of my husband’s and now we are facing the fourth. I’m his primary caregiver, a woman, a mother of our child, a human being searching for calmness.
I have searched for information on nutrition, diseases, studies, diets, therapies, comforting words, and everything in my power to help improve our whole family and get through this.
My blog is the result of all these deep searches.

I hope it helps you too!

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